Israel - Culture Smart !: The Essential Guide To Customs & Culture - Paperback

Israel - Culture Smart !: The Essential Guide To Customs & Culture

Culture Smart!

Culture Smart! Israel marks the nation’s 70th year of independence in a concise cultural guide of this diverse, dynamic, and paradoxical country. This edition provides important insights so visitors will know what to expect and how to behave, avoid misunderstandings, and form good social and business relationships. While Israel is a modern and largely secular country, it is one steeped in biblical history—a place where religion still plays an active role in public life. In 70 years it has grown from a sparsely populated strip of land into a vigorous democracy and regional superpower. Often called the Startup Nation, Israel is a world leader in a number of high tech industries. Its democratic institutions, despite a political and social polarization in recent years, are among the most enlightened in the world. This pocket guide will help readers understand the country and its people beyond the headlines, ensuring greater understanding and a valuable traveling experience.


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