115 Hacks And Hacktivities For Parents Of Mini Humans - Hardcover

115 Hacks And Hacktivities For Parents Of Mini Humans

Bast, Katherine

When you have a mini human running around, things can get pretty messy. Public diaper blowouts, shopping tantrums, teething pain, art projects that end up on the wall—and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. But don’t worry! 115 Hacks and Hacktivities for Parents of Mini Humans has all the tips and tricks for big humans on the verge of their own tantrums.

With hacks for everything from mini human care to travel and toys, this book will give you the extra hand you need to do it all. Divided into helpful categories, each innovative hack comes with easy-to-follow instructions, materials made up of simple items you can find in your own home or local stores, and clean, modern illustrations that make parenting feel a little less hectic (even on the days that you are running on fumes). And watch out for the hacktivities! You can use these hacks that are disguised as activities to keep your mini human busy, making parenting fun for everyone. In a durable and easy-to-carry package, this must-have book can go with you anywhere. Parenting is officially hacked!