• Building Leadership Programs Management Guide

  • Building Leadership Programs Management Guide
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  • Scheffert, D., Horntvedt, J., & Hoelting, J.

    Tapping decades of experience in building successful leadership education programs, the University of Minnesota offers a comprehensive guide to local program managers and champions. This guide links sound leadership theory and research to practical tools that assure successful leadership program management.

    Each chapter includes helpful information, useful tools and concrete examples. Written by University of Minnesota staff and faculty, the guide addresses everything you need to know about leadership education from making the case to evaluating the results.

    The CD-ROM includes:
    1) A preface and nine chapters (PDFs) on the aspects of leadership education
    2) Microsoft Word worksheets for your own use and customization
    3) Pre- and Post-Survey examples (PDF)
    4) Appendix 1 (PDFs), including three published articles on leadership education written by University of Minnesota Extension staff
    5) Appendix 2 (PDF), an 'Anytown Program Plan' example of how a fictional town developed a leadership education program using tools from the guide
    6) A narrated Audio Overview of the guide, with PowerPoint presentation
    8) A Visual Overview of the guide.

    Please contact your area Extension educator for more information or Mary Ann Hennen, Leadership & Civic Engagement Program Leader, henne011@umn.edu or (612) 624-4226.

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