• Committees that Work: Common Traps, Creative Solutions - A U-Lead Guidebook

  • Committees that Work: Common Traps, Creative Solutions - A U-Lead Guidebook
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  • Scheffert, D.; Rasmussen, C.; Liepold, M.; et al.

    Getting work done through committees is a critical dimension of civic life. But you won't accomplish much if your committee is ineffective. This 75-page guide is for local leaders, educators, community development professionals or anyone who wants to build the leadership capacity of local groups.

    The guide identifies seven "traps" that can stall committee work and offers creative solutions for avoiding or getting out of those situations. Traps explored include getting stuck in conflict, letting private interests influence public decisions, filling seats with the "usual suspects," and more. You'll learn to identify and use strategies to increase your committees' effectiveness. Worksheets, exercises and activities your group can do to improve performance and productivity are included throughout this easy-to-read resource.

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