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To search for books based on the classes you registered for, select the term, and click on the link "Get Buyback Pricing for My Courses" below. You will be prompted for your X.500 username and password.


Check back frequently, prices are updated often.

Turn your textbooks into cash during book buy. Sell your books, return your rentals and cash in today with our convenient campus location and one-stop service.

Book Buy Regular Hours
Coffman: Monday-Friday 8:00 - 6:00
Saturday 10:00-4:00

U of M Bookstore Buyback Program

The U of M Bookstores provide a book buy service at our Coffman store throughout the year to help recycle your unwanted books. We purchase almost any current textbook, paying the most for books instructors have selected for the next semester. For that reason, the best time to sell your books is during finals week when most instructors have selected their books for the next term.

Bring your unwanted textbooks and U Card* to our Coffman store:

  • Top dollar for your used textbooks
  • Thousands of titles on our buy list
  • Special buy hours for finals week
  • Fast, friendly service

If you want to sell books that are not needed for the next semester, you may opt to sell them at the national wholesale rate. This rate varies greatly and is based on the demand for the book from other colleges and universities around the country.

*You must present your U Card to sell textbooks. Please bring all textbook components including CD's, study guides and manuals when selling your books.