M Tech Training Opportunities


Maximize your technology with helpful workshops to help you learn more about your computer, tablet, software or apps. Browse our current list of offerings and reserve your seat in these fun, informative and free sessions.


In addition to these scheduled workshops, stop by M Tech every Friday (beginning February 2) from 3-4 P.M.) for our Creator's Workshop Hour.

Musicians, meet directors!  Directors, meet photographers!  Photographers, meet your future subjects!  Join us each week to get input and extra sets of eyes on your latest project in order to get judgment-free feedback.  Here we hope to help learn tips to enhance the quality of your work, as well as meet other creators who are in the same boat.


Mac BasicsTuesday, January 23th (3-4 P.M.)

Learn to navigate and get the most out of your Mac.  Here we will delve into the basics of navigating the operating system, learn how to update and install software, as well as learning how to make the most of the systems features to make yourself more productive.

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Productivity SuitesTuesday, February 6th (3-4 P.M.)

Here we will learn how to get the most out of your Microsoft Office, iWork, or Google Doc suites.  From spreadsheets to word documents to presentations, we’ll learn the commonalities between these programs and how to spend less time figuring out features and more time getting work done.

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iPad Pro BasicsTuesday, February 20th (3-4 P.M.)

Times are changing and so is the iPad.  With the iPad Pro, Apple’s tablet has evolved into a full-fledged workhorse capable of doing nearly anything a computer can do (plus a whole lot more).  Here we will dig into such features as the Apple Pencil, file management, and multitasking.

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Getting Started with iMovieTuesday, March 6th (3-4 P.M.)

Calling all future auteurs!  Join us for a crash course in film making with the iPhone as your camera and the Mac as your editing suite.  We’ll teach you how to capture clips, make the most of transitions, score your work with music that accentuates the drama, as well as how to edit the video to make your work look best.

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iPhone Photo Tips Tuesday, March 20th (3-4 P.M.)

Spend some time with us learning how to manage and edit all those photos you’ll be taking.  Here we’ll learn how to turn a good-looking picture into a great one, as well as how to edit those tiny little flaws.  We’ll also show you how to manage your pictures across devices, so you’ll never have to struggle to show off photos of your loved ones again.

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Getting Started with GarageBandTuesday, April 3rd (3-4 P.M.)

No musical talent? No problem!  Here we will introduce you to the incredible power creative power Apple affords its users with both the Mac and iOS platforms.  After covering the programs, let us guide you through the basics of creating beats, layering tracks, and editing audio.

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Better Health Through TechTuesday, April 17th (3-4 P.M.)

Come join us for a crash course on how to use fitness trackers and apps to live a healthier life style.  Learn how to use technology to help you track your fitness goals, push you to be more mindful, and to help you spot the best ways to stay in control of your diet.

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University of Minnesota Photo WalkTuesday, May 1st (3-4 P.M.)

Grab your coat, your phone, and your walking shoes!  Join us for a photo walk where we will tour the beautiful University of Minnesota, and along the way, learn how to frame photos, adjust your camera app for the best settings, and leave with a photo collection you can use to demonstrate to your loved ones that you’re the best member of the group to capture those precious moments.

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