Growing Perennials In Cold Climates - Paperback

Growing Perennials In Cold Climates

Heger, Mike & Debbie Lonnee & John Whitman

Revised and updated, this all-in-one guide designed for northern-tier gardeners from coast to coast features:

• more than 2,000 varieties proven to thrive in cold climates• five-star ratings to help you choose top-performing perennials
• new selections of varieties with variegated or brightly colored foliage
• new mail-order sources for hard-to-find varieties of each plant
If you are a gardener and winter temperatures in your region can dip below –20 degrees, this is the one guide you need. Comprehensive and fully illustrated, Growing Perennials in Cold Climates is an excellent resource for selecting, siting, planting, and maintaining perennials that flourish in northern climates. This expanded edition identifies the fifty most popular perennial groups, offers in-depth information on wild and cultivated varieties best suited to cold climates, and rates more than 500 of the choicest plants. In addition to the plant data, this book includes a concise course in perennial gardening, from preparing a site and buying potted perennials to composting, watering, mulching, fertilizing, weeding, staking, deadheading, pruning, protecting plants in winter, companion planting, and dealing with disease and insect problems. Owning this guide is like having a professional gardener at your side every step of the way. Written to make even the most sophisticated aspects of growing perennials easy to understand, this book will be indispensable to novice and advanced gardeners alike.