Bottom Line'S Guide To Brain- Building Secrets - Paperback

Bottom Line'S Guide To Brain- Building Secrets

Bottom Line Editors

With all the media coverage of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, it’s easy to imagine the worst when you can’t summon the name of a good friend or struggle to remember the details of a novel that you put down just a few days ago. The editors of Bottom Line Inc. interviewed the leading brain health and memory experts to bring you their essential secrets to maintain a vibrant memory and minimize your risk of ever developing dementia or having a stroke. You’ll learn…
Surprising causes of memory loss…and how you can get your memory back.
The best workouts to keep your brain “buff.”
Memory champion’s solutions to common memory problems
The ultimate Alzheimer’s-fighting diet.
Word on the tip of your tongue? Try this recall strategy.
Uncommon stroke risks you need to know.
What to do when you need to remember a phone number and can’t write it down.
Strengthen your brain by wearing this upside down! No kidding!!!
7 foods that make you smarter.
Sharpen your memory with music. KEY: The right playlist.
Squeeze this (really!) to remember better.
Drink this to cut your stroke risk by 20% (or more).
How a Harvard brain specialist keeps her own brain healthy.
Best brain-boosting habits for you (yes, the strategies change as you age).
8 ways to keep your brain fit and fight dementia.
The mistake most people make with their to-do lists.
Brain-boosting smoothie: Smart AND delicious!
Best physical exercise to boost your brain power.
How to avoid the memory hiccups that cause panic.
4 supplements that can impair your brain.
And much, much more.