University of Minnesota Morris Bookstore


The U of M Morris Bookstore offers a variety of textbook options to students including eBook digital content when available. eBooks come in a variety of formats, each with its own unique benefits and terms.

Why eBooks?

  • eBooks are easy to use, easy to carry and easy to buy
  • eBooks have the same content as print books
  • eBooks include page numbers for following assignments
  • eBooks have search functions to easily locate topics
  • eBooks include highlight, note taking and printing tools
  • eBooks work on a PC or a Mac
  • eBooks are available as online or downloadable versions
  • eBooks offer cost savings over print editions of most textbooks
  • eBook providers offer online technical support

Finding eBooks

If an eBook is available for your course you will find eBook tags shelved with the print edition of the textbook in the course stacks. If you are ordering your textbooks online, the eBook option will be listed with your reading list. Simply select that option when ordering your books.

Purchasing eBooks

Bring the eBook tag to the cashier with the rest of your purchases. Your access code will appear on your cash register receipt. Follow the access instructions to download or view your new eBook.

eBook Considerations

Before purchasing an eBook for your class, please consider the following:

  • eBooks are non-returnable, or refundable once accessed
  • Many eBooks are subscription based and your access expires after a set number of days.
  • eBooks can not be shared with others
  • eBooks do not have any resale or buy back value