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Rental Terms Spring 2014

BOOK DUE DATE: May 14th, 2018

1. I understand the book rented to me is the property of the University of Minnesota Bookstore. In accepting the terms of this book Rental Agreement, I accept responsibility to use the book and return it to the Bookstore in its original condition (no tears, no water damage, limited writing/highlighting, etc.) or I will be required to pay for a used book as a replacement. If there is ANY damage, at the time of rental, it must be noted in the comments field.
2. I understand that my rental fee is refundable only if the book is returned to the Bookstore by Tuesday, January 31st. Any textbook rented after that date will be considered final; rental fees are non-refundable after this time.
3. I understand and accept responsibility to return my rental book and it's accompanying parts, if applicable (CD's/DVD's, solution manuals, companion texts, etc.) by May 14th, 2018. If my rental text is not returned by May 14th, 2018, I understand that I will be charged for a used copy of the book in addition to the rental fee I paid at the time of rental.
4. If my rental text is lost or stolen, I understand that I will need to inform the bookstore by May 14th, 2018. I will be refunded the rental fee and then charged for a used copy as a replacement.
5. I will return the rental book to the bookstore by May 14th, 2018.
6. I authorize the Bookstore to charge my Student Account for a used book if the book is not returned by the deadline of May 14th, 2018, or if the book is returned damaged (water damage, excessive writing/highlighting, torn pages, etc.) The bookstore reserves the right to reevaluate the condition of the rental text within 30 days of the return deadline.
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You are leaving the University of Minnesota Bookstore's website and will be directed to our Textbook Rental Affiliate's website. The U of M Bookstores are proud to offer an expanded textbook rental program through our Textbook Rental Affiliate. Please note the following.

  • If you choose to rent textbooks through the Affiliate website and also purchase from the University of Minnesota Bookstore's website, you will need to complete separate checkouts on each website.
  • Our Textbook Rental Affiliate website does not accept your U card as a form of payment.

PA 5271, LAB #001 GIS: Apps in Planning/Pol Anal
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Pkg2 Mastering Arcgis W/dvd, 6th
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