Access Denied

Access Denied

You do not have access to the Books in Print database. Currently, the database is only searchable from computers on the University of Minnesota campuses. Unfortunately, our license with Reed Reference Publishing does not allow access from other locales. If you take issue with this, please contact the Twin Cities campus bookstore management.

If you have a computer on on one of the U of M campuses and are denied access to the database, the most likely explanation is that your computer does not have a 'hostname'. A hostname is a unique identifier for your computer. For example, the Books in Print server has the hostname ''.

Usually, hostnames are assigned at the time your computer is connected to the network. Sometimes, however, computers fall through the cracks and are never assigned a hostname.

To gain access to Books in Print, send e-mail to Networking and Telecommunication Services (NTS) at ''. Include the IP address of your computer and ask that a hostname be assigned to your computer. This is ONLY an option if your hostname ends in If you are coming in from off campus, even though you are University Student, Staff or Faculty, you cannot get access to this site.

If, after verifying that your computer has a hostname ending in '', you feel that you have been denied access in error, please send email to Please include the IP address of the computer from which you were denied access.

Thank you.