• Woodland Stewardship: a Practical Guide for Midwestern Landowners

  • Woodland Stewardship: a Practical Guide for Midwestern Landowners
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  • Baughman, M., Blinn, C., DuPlissis, J., & Sagor, E.

    This 220-page book is aimed at family forest landowners in the upper Midwest. Authors from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan collaborated to ensure it meets the needs of landowners in those states. The text, along with numerous drawings and photos, provides practical guidance on all aspects of managing a woodland for timber, wildlife and recreation while protecting soil, water and aesthetic resources. When this book is used in conjunction with advice from a forester, landowners will understand how their management decisions affect a woodland for decades in the future.

    It is a major revision of the earlier, award-winning book with significant new information about managing important forest types, nontimber forest products, wildlife, recreational trail design and financial considerations. Chapters also cover preparing a woodland stewardship plan, woodland inventory, how trees and woodlands grow, regenerating woodland stands, woodland improvement practices, forest health, marketing timber, harvesting timber, and noise and visual quality.

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