• RentWise: Guia y organizador para el inquilino

  • RentWise: Guia y organizador para el inquilino
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  • Bruin, M. J.

    The unique and practical Spanish resource is designed to help people new (or experienced) renters be successful. The Workbook covers topics like communication with property managers, managing money, finding and maintaining a home, and moving out. The Organizer is a folder that contains sample worksheets (how to determine housing needs, a sample rental application, etc.) and also serves as a place to keep all home-related important papers (copies of leases, letters to property managers, etc.). It is intended for renters, agency staff, and landlords.

    This resource is also available in English (RentWise: Renter's Workbook and Organizer). Buy 25 or more copies and save 20%! See our website for more information about this and other RentWise resources.

    This online ordering process only accepts credit cards. If you would like to pay via purchase order, please contact the University of Minnesota Bookstores Extension Department at webbooks@umn.edu.
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