• Parents Forever: Impact of Divorce on Children Parent Handbook

  • Parents Forever: Impact of Divorce on Children Parent Handbook
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  • Allen, R. A., McCann, E. M., Musich, J. L., & Tralle, M. L.

    This booklet gives an overview of the emotions and reactions children typically experience when their parents divorce. Intended for divorcing, separating, and never-been-married parents, it explains the cycle of grief children experience while adjusting to their losses and the helpful parental responses that can assist children through the divorce transition according to the age of the children.

    One of five in the Parents Forever Handbook series, this 84-page booklet features ample room for parents to take notes and useful parent worksheets. Buy 100 or more copies and save 20%! Save even more by purchasing it as part of a package: Parents Forever: Education for Families in Divorce Transition Curriculum (with DVD), Parents Forever: The Impact of Divorce on Children Educator Package, or Parents Forever: Complete Set of Parent Handbooks. See our website for more information about this and other Parents Forever resources.

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