• Community Tourism Development 3/E

  • Community Tourism Development 3/E
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  • Messer, C.C. et al.

    Community Tourism Development applies theory to real life-delivering the essentials of planning, developing and managing tourist destinations from a community standpoint. Based on extensive research, this comprehensive, 250-page manual takes you step-by-step through the process of developing local tourism.

    The third edition features new information on social media marketing and digital mapping, examples of how communities are meeting the needs of today's tourist, the latest data on travel trends and more. Updated and expanded case studies show how four communities across the United States have developed tourism with varying degrees of success.

    This manual includes a CD-Rom of the more than 30 worksheet and assessment forms found in the manual, presented in an interactive format that allows you to easily record your data within community planning efforts.

    This manual is useful if you are a tourism, economic or community development professional; a community tourism volunteer; an educator or simply interested in the tourism potential of communities.

    An additional resource is the new film Weaving Tourism into Community: Four Stories Over Time which further documents the four case study communities in the manual. Hear from community leaders in their own words how tourism has evolved in their communities over the past 20 years. One-hour long DVD broken into four community segments.

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